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V2600 – Legendary Styling

NISI 2600 creates ideal platforms from which guests are encouraged to re-establish interaction with the sea.
Casual opulence is eminently achieved with salubrious exterior spaces for repose or entertainment, breezy salons that afford panoramic vistas, and tranquil accommodation in generously proportioned cabins.
Beneath the surface, this NISI mega yacht boasts today's state-of-the-art technology, combining outstanding performance with luxury and comfort. Handling is fused with powerful lines - a plumb bow, sparkling stainless steel stanchions and rugged lifelines, crowned by a command deck atop the covered wheelhouse. Enticing features cloak 21st century engineering - the wave-piercing hull, pod propulsion, stabilizers, and the cutting-edge SkyHook®, an innovative station-keeping function that is the first of its kind in the recreational marine industry.

V2400 – Casual Opulence

Like a set of bare footprints in the sand of a virgin beach, NISI creates a distinct impression while pioneering a new genre of yachting. The award-winning NISI 2400's contemporary design incorporates many features and systems traditionally reserved for far larger vessels.
At 82ft, her wave-piercing bow and remarkable yacht design coupled with 1,500 mile range, positively encourage voyages of escape. As the only 82ft yacht built to RINA Charter and MCA Commercial certification,  NISI 2400 is considered the yardstick by which other luxurious yachts of this size will come to be measured.
Having drawn a line in the sand with this debutant, NISI looks forward to leading sophisticates to explore new passions. Take a look... discover yourself.

V1900 – An Intimate Oasis

With NISI 1900, the power of great design is undeniable. With its refined, well-chosen finishes, hand-crafted with exacting fit, inspiration is all around you. A relaxed luxe that lives in harmony with technological innovations to set you free to enjoy yachting without the complexities.
 The exterior layout offers wonderful flexibility for enjoying life on deck. Wide side decks lead from a large cockpit to a secluded sundeck flybridge seating area, providing a tantalizing space for relaxing or entertaining.
 Interior styling and detail is exceptional, with the fine fabrics and finishes embraced throughout. Hand-selected natural fabrics and imported leather together with polished marble countertops and whitewashed teak cabinetry invoke the essence of South Beach.
 Simply. Modern. Living. Because time is only well spent when it’s spent on your terms.

V1700 – An Exhilarating Weekend at 40 knots

NISI 1700 performance blends legendary styling with unrivaled engineering that infuses the elegance of a downeast boat, the spaciousness of a true motoryacht, and the racy feel of a sport cruiser into one incredible design.
From the moment one steps aboard, NISI 1700 feels like she is made for you. Every finish impeccable, every feature purposeful, every trait designed with a sense of timelessness to excite and inspire the most discerning yacht owners. Whether sailing off the coast of Maine or exploring vineyards along the French Riviera, NISI wraps romance, elegance and glamour in a new standard for design and build.
Express and Flybridge yacht layout arrangements are available with a range of powering options, including jet-drives and pods delivering top speeds of 40 knots. Here’s to enjoying yachting the way it was intended: Effortlessly.

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