About Us

"Connoisseurs hold a special place in their hearts for a simple yacht that connects them to their passions" says Christos Livadas, Chairman and Founder of NISI Yachts. “For them, NISI revives their feelings of effortless escape and casual elegance on the open-water. Without a doubt the best built yacht in their class, NISI has established a following by those who desire exclusivity and a unique yachting experience."

NISI Yachts set a distinct sense of occasion. Our contemporary designs incorporate many features and systems traditionally reserved for far larger vessels. In fact, the word ‘traditional’ is only relevant when describing the quality of craftsmanship employed in NISI’s construction of her luxury yachts. Everything else represents a fresh approach and a dramatic departure from the generic, by committed yacht builders.

Founded in 2004, NISI is a European wholly owned luxury yacht builder led by CEO Christos Livadas. After more than 10 years of building in Asia, in 2008 NISI finished construction on it’s own shipyard, followed by a fresh product portfolio launch in 2009. NISI Yachts reflect a passion for simple yachts that connect yachtsmen to the sea. That passion is realized in dramatic performance at speed, first-rate build quality, and a singular aspect of elegance that sets each of our yachts apart from her peers.

Our luxury yachts are born from generations of shipbuilding experience and draw on expertise in planning, design, and execution from three continents – North America, Europe, and Asia. The finest features of each region’s traditional boat building heritage are integrated to produce a modern yacht of surpassing style and quality. Collaboration with world-renowned naval architect, Ward Setzer of Setzer Yacht Architects has resulted in the unveiling of award winning vessels from industry topping yacht manufacturers.

We are passionate about yachting and build only the highest quality megayachts; luxury yachts that reflect casual opulence, legendary styling and above all, unsurpassed engineering and safety. NISI represents the new generation of yachts, embracing everything you need for a superior lifestyle experience.