“Hello, we just saw your vessel at Edgewater Yacht club. It is amazing!!
I looked at the details and pictures online…. Carbon Fiber, titanium and all 21st century materials. Wow! Poly carb floor in the engine quarters and underwater cameras are so forward thinking. Magnificent pics of interior and exterior.
I really enjoyed seeing the Diva docked at EYC . Ned walking past her.
Please come visit us again in Cleveland!

Denise R

“No other yacht I’ve tested in recent years has been able to perform like this.”

Dag Pike, Renowned Yachtsman & Navigator,
(in reference to NISI 2400)

“AMAZING!!!! The major systems kick butt. The boat is a real head turner
everyone wants to see her. The engines run nice and smooth. She is good in chop
she is fun to be on. I ran her at 20 knots off the bridge the last 3 days. Fun fun fun.
We love the boat! You did a great job! Did I mention I was on the bow pads for 2 hours under cruise today. There is no bad area on this boat. I am even more sure you will sell hundreds of these.”

NISI Owner,
(requested name to be kept confidential)

“NISI is the nautical personification of the spirit of Café Del Mar, fused with the effortless sophistication of Nikki Beach. She truly is something special.”

Craig Barnett,
Editor-in-Chief, Yachts Emirates Magazine

“NISI 2400 is without a doubt an engineering miracle. Other
builders now ask to build to the NISI Standard.”

Mauro Bono,
RINA Classification Society

“The design process for the XPRESSO 1700 resembled that of an aircraft more than a yacht, and in many ways beyond just jet propulsion. Like an airplane fuselage, we wanted a light-weight hull shell with sufficient stiffness to safely sustain loads at high-speeds without sacrificing too much vital space for interior accommodations. Meticulous weight tracking and careful ergonomic planning were keys to meeting these goals. The end result is an ultra-modern, plumb bow cruiser that is spacious enough to provide the sensation of a larger vessel, yet responsive enough to perform like a nimble express yacht.”

Ward Setzer,
Naval Architect / Setzer Yacht Architects,
NISI Collection Design Collaborators

“By they way, I wanted to let you know that your shipyard crew is amazing at the rate of production. I am completely blown away at how organized and focused everyone is. The amount of work these guys accomplish in a day is simply amazing. What really surprises me is that everything is hand crafted as well and very well done with high skill.”

Michael A. Cusumano,
Cusumano Maritime Captain Services, LLC (SDVOSB), Captain (100 Ton Master)

“After years of enjoying my Hinckley, upon delivery, we saw our yacht and fell in love “ said Benson. “She is fantastic – 40 knot performance with flybridge, a beach house on the water with amazing space and headroom. Fully thought through, she came completely decorated, even down to the elegant towels and sheets. New England cruising will never be the same.”

Craig Benson,
NISI 1700 Owner & New Hampshire ex-Govenor